Article 1 - Subject

Subject of this document is the definition of terms and agreements based on which the Company, will provide to the subscriber/consumer, access to products of “VISION OF SOUND - PRODUCTS / SERVICES OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY - THOMAS A. NASTOS” though the webpage “ / ELECTRONIC STORE OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING”.

Article 2 – Contract Validity

The validity of this contract starts from the date of its signing and is agreed for an indefinite period under the terms of subject to time defined Special Terms.

Article 3 - Introduction – Terms

This contract terms of use the definitions used have the following content:

3.1 “Company”: The company “VISION OF SOUND - PRODUCTS / SERVICES OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY - THOMAS A. NASTOS (from now on the “Company”), is the Company based on Ioannina - Epirus, Greece on the street address Napoleon Zerva 78 with Hellenic Tax Service Identification Number (VAT Number) 114451140 and with phone number 2651 068493, where has setup a website (from now on referred to as the “Webpage”), electronic shop “VISION OF SOUND - PRODUCTS / SERVICES OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY - THOMAS A. NASTOS” with domain name “ / ELECTRONIC STORE OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING” with its main purpose the business development of the company on the Internet, under the following terms & agreements where each visitor / user has to read and accept them.
3.2 “Webpage”: The webpage of this electronic shop with title “ / ELECTRONIC STORE OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING” exists under the domain name https://visionofsound.gr
3.3 “Users/Visitors”: With this term we refer to the non-registered members of this “Webpage”.
3.4 “Registered Members”: With this term we refer to the users of this “Webpage” where they have been registered as members of the “Webpage”, without having subscriber requirements.
3.5 “Active Subscribers”: The registered member of the “Webpage” where they consent and register though the newsletter form of the “Webpage” by using their email and thus receiving sales and discounts newsletters regarding products of the “Company”.

Article 4 – Restrictive License

The product of the application with name “ / ELECTRONIC STORE OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING” operates under the domain name by the development agency “I2CSOFT - Software Development and Rapid Hardware Prototyping Services” with restrictive license distribution.

4.1 The “Users/Visitors” grant their consent of the following terms and agreements of this “Webpage” which apply to all of its content, pages, graphics, images and files which includes. Therefore, each one of them has to read carefully these terms before visiting or using the services of this “Webpage”. If someone provides no consent on the following terms & agreements of this “Webpage” then they are not allowed to use its services and its content.
4.2 The “Company”, under the following terms as well as to all the applicable laws and rules provides a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right of access and use on certain pages of this “Webpage” to its visitors. The registered members have access to all the content of this webpage while the registered subscribers receive newsletters about new products/services or sales which the company offers. This right of access doesn’t grant you the title of ownership to the “Webpage”, its content or its products. This right of access which is provided to you through this “Webpage” doesn’t grant you the right of editing its content and its products by any means. Furthermore, it is forbidden to publicly present the webpage, to copy parts of it or even its entire content, its distribution, its commercial use or any other harmful actions towards the “Company”.
4.3 “Visitors/Users” are advised to check the content of certain pages in case of changes. If “Visitors/Users” continue to use the services of this “Webpage” then this means that they provide full consent over the website’s terms and agreements regardless of any change.

Article 5 – Liabilities, limited liability of the company

5.1 The content, information as well as the products which this “Webpage” includes comprise an offer towards to its “Visitors/Users. The “Company” and the “Webpage” attempt to ensure that their information, products or any other element which is associated with them e.g., their price, their stock value etc., are always true and valid.
5.2 The “Company” has as its obligation to provide related with its commercial activity products online as well as to inform its “Registered Members” and “Active Subscribers” for any modifications or change that might occur on the Webpage (e.g., sales, discounts) with a public announcement on the “Webpage” or with an email. Any use of this “Webpage” after these announcements means the acceptance of the user for any changes, modifications, addons or removals that have been performed on this “Website”.
5.3 5.3 Under any circumstances the “Company” is not responsible for any form of harmful action committed to a “User/Visitor”, “Registered Member” or “Active Subscriber” due to their lack of security measures such as: a) stealing or loss of user’s credentials, b) false information regarding their own identity provided on our own registration member forms, c) for any intentional damage they commit on purchased products, d) on incorrect order shipping which occurs due to false information provided by the user, e) on shipment delays which occur from transport services companies. On any other case the company is obliged to compensate the customer although refunding is prohibited.
5.4 The “Company” cannot guarantee that the pages, services, options and its content will always be provided without any minor interruptions and that technical errors will be fixed instantly. Furthermore, the “Company” cannot guarantee the safety of any other related or external sites which are provided on the “Webpage”.
5.5 The “Company” collects, process and distributes the content of the “Webpage”, without guarantying its validity or to the absence of any mistakes that have to do due to the immense stock of products.

Article 6 – Obligations of visitors / users / registered members

6.1 “Visitors/Users” and “Registered Members” of the “Webpage” should assume liability for any occurred harmful action on the services of the “Webpage” from misuse or improper use of the relevant services.

Article 7 – Intellectual and industrial property rights

7.1 Except for the expressly stated exceptions (third-party copyrights, partners and organizations), any content of the “Webpage”, including the images, graphics, texts, of the provided services etc. (from now on referred to as the content), comprise intellectual property of “Domain name of the webpage” and thus are protected by the current national and international laws. The electronic store maintains any copyrights regarding the content and any based by those created copies..
7.2 The use of the services of the website does not imply the provision and transfer of rights or licenses of services of the website, with the exception of the limited right of use of the Service.
7.3 For content elements of the “Webpage” which are provided and downloaded locally on a personal electronic computer from “Visitor/Users”, the “Company” grants the right of PERSONAL AND ONLY USE and not any other right.
7.4 Once the terms of use are accepted, it is allowed its non-commercial use and reproduction, fully or partially, under the terms that the reproduced product is freely distributed though Internet or any other media and it is accompanied with reference to its source. Any other use requires the express written permission of the owner or the copyright holder.
7.5 Therefore, none of them can be sold in whole or in part, copied, edited, reproduced or uploaded and distributed by any means or purpose.
7.6 Any other products or services mentioned on the “Website” which have signs of their respective organizations, companies, and partners have their own intellectual and industrial property and thus these ones have the relevant responsibility.

Article 8 - Links

8.1 Links which redirect on other webpages: The “Company” cannot control the availability, the content, the privacy policy of user’s personal data, the quality as well as services validity of other sites and pages to which it refers through “links” or advertisement banners. Therefore, for any issues that might occurs during your visit or use, you should contact the administrators of the respective websites directly as these ones have the responsibility.
In any case the “Company” itself cannot be considered that embraces or accepts the content or services of other sites or pages by which it refers or anything that has to do with such practices.
8.2 Links from the webpage Links to the “Webpage” are allowed only in the home page and not on the other pages which probably demand password access, unless if there is agreement between the “Webpage” and of the referrer. Besides, other “links” have to be generated though hyperlinks and not through images.

Article 9 – Newsletters

9.1 By accepting the terms and agreements of the “Webpage” and its use for buying products and services of the “Company”, means your agreement to receive newsletter emails from the company as well as other commercial letters.
9.2 In case where “Registered Users” wants to unsubscribe from the newsletter service of the “Webpage” they can directly remove their registered email by clicking the option “want to unsubscribe”.

Article 10 – User Accounts – Member Registration

10.1 The “Webpage” provides the ability to “Visitors/Users” if they want, to register themselves as members of this webpage. “Visitors/Users” agree to provide: a) true, accurate, valid and complete information on the information requested by the "Website" in the relevant requests for access to its contents / services and b) to maintain and diligently update their registration details in order to be true, accurate, valid and up-to-date.
10.2 The "Website" provides the "Registered Member" with special services, after accepting the terms of use of the website and on the completion process of registering their data. When "Registered Members" complete their registration, process set by the "Website", they will receive a confirmation of a personal password (password) and username (user name) via their email address.
10.3 The “Registered Member” remains solely responsible for all transactions carried out under the personal password, username and generally their account (user account). The “Registered Member” agrees to immediately notify the “Webpage” of any unauthorized use of its account and any occurring and / or possible breach of security. Also, the “Registered Members” are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each use (Logout).
10.4 The "Website" is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the inability of members to respect and follow these above-mentioned conditions.
10.5 The “Registered Member” is prohibited from interfering with the services or dismantling the services or servers or networks connected to the services of the “Website”, or complying with the terms, procedures and rules of use of these networks.
10.6 The “Registered Member” comprehends and accepts that the “Webpage” reserves the exclusive right to terminate the use of their passwords / services and / or to discontinue the provision of its content to the “Registered Member” who is believed that they have violated the terms of use & agreements.

Article 11 – Specific conditions for creating Subscriber Account

The special rules for creating a subscriber account are subject to the general rules hereof and in addition:

11.1 For the registration of a “User/Visitor” to the subscription services which include order history, autocomplete field form, during their use or navigation on the website it is necessary to be a "resgistered member".
11.2 In order to register a “Visitor / User” in the provision of subscription services related to order history, automatic completion of a form of the “Website” it is necessary their registration as a “Registered Members”.
11.3 11.3 The provision of subscription Services to the “Registered Members” is provided for a period agreed between the “Company” and the “Registered Member”. When Newsletters are activated, the “Registered Members” or the “Visitors/Users” can state in the respective form their personal e-mail address where they wish in order to receive updates and offers for about products of the “Company”. By subscribing to the “Company’s” Newsletter, the interested party becomes an “Active Subscriber”. The “Active Subscriber” has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter (newsletter) at any time he wishes, without any charges, by informing the “Company” with a relevant "email" or through the corresponding unsubscribe link.

Article 12 – Specific terms and conditions for using the online store

Article 12 – Specific terms and conditions for using the online store

12.1 The “Online Store” provides the content (products, services, photos, information, etc.) as it is. For this reason, before using the services of this “Online Store”, we invite you to consult the following specific terms and conditions of use.
12.2 For the convenience of the "Users" the products of this “Online Store” have been categorized. Each category has its own individual products.
12.3 Each product is characterized by a unique "Product Code", description and cost.
12.4 The "Company" reserves the right to change the billing policy without prior notice, but always without retroactive effect. In any case, the charges are made after the buyer accepts them “Visitor/User” (hereinafter “Customer”).
12.5 The “Company” reserves the right to change its products/services on special occasions (e.g., holiday offers, etc.). The offers are explicitly valid for the period of time that have been announced and without retroactive effect.
12.6 The “Company” is obliged for the validity of the information provided on the “Online Store” in terms of its the exact exposed data. Without prejudice to the case of technical or typographical errors which cannot be predicted or may have been occurred unintentionally.
12.7 The “Company” does not have any responsibility if “Visitors/Users” do not receive their order or if this order is not processed due their own fault (e.g. from false information).
12.8 The “Company” is not responsible for any claims of legal or civil and / or criminal nature from “Customers” or third parties, due to reasons related to the operation of the "Website" or due to temporary inability to provide services.
12.9 The “Company” strives to provide high quality products of “ / ELECTRONIC STORE OF SOUND TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING”. The “Company” is not responsible for any errors in prices or product features and cannot guarantee that there will be no downtime of the website or “human” errors when entering the price of a product.
12.10 The "Online Store" does not accept direct transactions with bank cards (credit or debit) and does not maintain credit card numbers and security codes of buyers. The "Company" cooperates for its electronic purchases with Alpha Bank E-Commerce and PayPal. Transactions are protected and carried out in a secure transaction environment of these companies. At this stage, all communication is encrypted using a 128-bit key. In addition, cash on delivery transactions are allowed (expense charge 2 €). If the cash on delivery is less than 500 € you can pay the cash on delivery, based on current legislation for orders whose total value does not exceed the amount of 500 € (including taxes and other charges).
12.11 After the successful payment of the Customer’s order, they receive on their registered e-mail address, a payment document and a special link from the courier company regarding the tracking location of the product.
12.12 Payment by deposit in a bank account must be made within 48 hours from the moment of the order. In any other case, the order can be cancelled at any time by the “Company”. It is very important for the “Customer” to send to the e-mail of the “Company” a copy of the bank transfer document. The products are shipped by shipping companies (e.g., ELTA Courier, ACS etc.) or the customer can receive the products at the physical location of the “Company”. The “Customers” receive in their registered email address, a payment receipt and a product status identification code as provided by the transport company.
12.13 When depositing in a bank account, the “Customers” have as their obligation to declare the “Reason for deposit” their full name and the “Order Code” that have received on their valid registered e-mail address (e-mail) stated by them.
12.14 Refund: In any case, the refund requirement for NON-MATERIAL products that have been paid is NOT possible..

Article 13 – Tax Receipts (Receipt / Invoice)

13.1 Upon completion of the order the payment and receipt of the products, the company is obliged to issue and send a tax document (Receipt or Invoice).
13.2 13.2 The company issues and sends a receipt by default for the executed orders unless the customer is a legal entity where in this case, they have to declare through the order form that they wish to issue an invoice and in addition to declare the following details of the Legal entity: Company Name, Representative Details, Company Activity, Tax Identification Number, Tax Office.
13.3 The “Customers” agree to send the tax documents to their registered e-mail and if they wish it to send it by e-mail, he is obliged to state the full postal address. The “Customers” agree to receive the tax documents to their e-mail addresses that they have registered. In case that they want to receive them through mail then the “Customers” are obliged to register their postal address, city and region.

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