Korg AX10B Toneworks Bass Multi Effects Processor

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Bass Amp/Cabinet Modeling Pedal with 40 Effects Presets

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: VOS-219365 Κατηγορία:

Dead-on amp and effect models generated with REMS modeling technology.

The AX10B is a compact multi-effects processor complete with expression pedal for realtime control of the sound.

11 accurately crafted bass amp models and 26 effects are created using Korg’s acclaimed REMS modeling technology. 40 presets cover numerous genres and allow you to plug in and start rippin’, while 40 user locations let you store your own creations. The responsive expression pedal gives you complete, instant control over your sound.

 Korg would say:

Built-in Effects:

•Pre FX: Compression, Distortion, Octaver

•Amp types: EQ, Valve, Valve2, Classic, Scooped, LA Studio, Goldpnl, Jazz, Studio, AC100, UKMajor

•Modulation: Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Trem, Rotary, Feedbk, Pitch1, Filter, U-Vibe, Talk, Pitch2

•Ambience: Slap, Echo1, Echo2, PP Dly, Multi, Air, Room, Hall, Plate, Spring

• NR (Noise Reduction)


  • 11 accurately crafted guitar or bass amp models generated by Korg’s REMS technology
  • 26 carefully-selected effects delivering a wide range of tonal variation
  • 40 preset programs covering all musical styles, plus 40 user-editable locations
  • Expression pedal for realtime control
  • Knob-based interface for intuitive control, and a simple panel layout
  • Tap switch for easy setting of delay time and other functions
  • AMP/LINE select switch for connection to amp, mixer, MTR, or any other destination
  • Built-in Korg Chromatic Auto Tuner with mute function
  • Compact, portable design that fits into the pocket of your gig bag
  • Program Lock Hold function eliminates accidental knob turning during on-stage use
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Korg AX10B Toneworks Bass Multi Effects Processor